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Alipay(Reminder: Alipay recharge your orders in the PC terminal, App terminal does not recharge.)

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Alipay & Wechat Top-up Service Instruction

Dear Valued Customers,

To ensure the safety of your payment, please read the following instructions carefully and make an objective judgment on your risk affordability after fully understanding the terms below. Making a purchase order means you agree to the instructions as follow:

1. Your purchase orders of Alipay or Wechat top-up service made on our (company) website are based on the completely true demand and lawful purposes of your personal small amount consumption, meanwhile which purposes you promise to fulfill truthfully.

2. According to relevant laws and regulations, the Alipay and Wechat top-up service you are purchasing cannot be used for other or illegal purposes. You will bear all liabilities (including but not limited to legal liabilities) incurred by your any unlawful actual purchase purpose or consumption behaviors, while Wegobuy will not undertake any relevant, collateral or joint liability.

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Service Description
Speed DispatchService GuaranteeUn-refundable
Payment Methods
Credit CardsWechatAlipayUnionPay

How to purchase?

  1. Confirm the nominal amount and quantity of the top-up product, and then fill in necessary information including your Alipay account number and the real name of its verified holder
  2. Click “Buy Now” to submit your order and pay
  3. wegobuy verify the information you provide and top up for you within ten minutes of successful payment
  4. You log in to Alipay and check the top-up amount
1、An Alipay account is different from a Taobao account. Please make sure you fill in the right Alipay account number to avoid unrefundable loss.
2、Please double confirm the account number and relevant information. The system will not refund your order after successful top up, if you provide the wrong account number.
3、If you encounter any problem or question during the purchase process, please feel free to contact Wegobuy Customer Service. They will serve you with wholeheartedly.
4、For the sake of your account safety, orders paid with credit cards may need to go through a security verification if this is your first order and the order amount is huge or the system detects a sudden change in your order behavior.
1、Please keep your Alipay account and key safe. Wegobuy promise to maintain confidentiality of the Alipay account information you provide except for force majeure circumstances.
2、Wegobuy assumes no responsibility for any of your direct or indirect loss caused by situations including but not limited to force majeure, Alipay official system failures, improper storage/operation of users, and third-party theft etc.
Note: Force majeure refers to an event or effect that cannot be reasonably anticipated or controlled. It includes but is not limited to a natural disaster, war or war like situation, riot, computer virus, hacker attack, telecommunication control and other government behaviors (including but not limited to a change of law and withdrawal of license).


Q :

How can I pay with international currencies other than RMB?

A :

Wegobuy provides several payment methods, such as PayPal, credit cards, and others (Settlement in USD). Once you have paid, system will automatically provide your the card number and password to your order detail page. Please feel free to contact our customer service if you have any other questions.

Q :

How to calculate the exchange rate?

A :

No matter which currency a user is paying with, PayPal will settle the transaction in US dollars with real-time exchange rate. Additionally, PayPal will charge a small amount of service fee.

Q :

How will I receive the product?

A :

①Cards:  Once the payment is completed, the system will send the relevant card number and password to your order detail page directly. Visit ‘User Center’ – ‘My Order’ – ‘Virtual Product’ – ‘View Card Number and Password’. Redeem: Please visit the relevant official websites to redeem your pre-paid card. ②Alipay Top Up: After successful payment, Wegobuy will top up for you according to the account information you provid. Please check via Alipay official website https://www.alipay.com/.

Q :

May I return or exchange my virtual products?

A :

We are sorry to inform you that return/exchange service is not applicable to virtual products.

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